Pura Vida - NFT Collection

« Pura Vida » is a captivating collection from Costa Rican artist, Gussa, that takes us on a journey through time: from ancestral storytelling to the embodiment of "pura vida" - the way of life in Costa Rica. It weaves symbols of cultural identity and artistic expression through a universal language that connects us all: the smile.

The blending of different cultural traditions over time has created a society in Costa Rica that is uniquely diverse and vibrant. The collection embodies this dynamic culture.

Looking to the future, the collection also explores the impact of technology on Costa Rican culture, highlighting both the excitement and the concerns that come with living in a multi-connected world. Through this lens, art becomes a powerful tool to express hopes, dreams, and fears for what lies ahead.

Taken together, « Pura Vida » is a powerful and evocative collection of pieces that express the cultural identity, values, and aspirations of Costa Ricans throughout history. It is a tribute to the historical heritage that led Costa Rica to become the peaceful and joyful country it is today, and a testament to the enduring power art has to connect us to our past, present, and future. And to each other.


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