We work in the spirit of leaving no one behind and we strive to reach the furthest first.

To achieve this ambitious and laudable mission, we count on donor support.

The first "Art for Peace" digital artwork collection represents the expression of our sincere gratitude to our supporters, a proof-mark of their contribution to a better world.

It aims to provide access to knowledge for LDC communities that do not always have equal representation, support the local community with artists in Costa Rica, and acts as a connecting tool to share our students' success with our supporters.

All the proceeds from the sales will go to the creation of Fellowship Programme benefiting 50 candidates from Least Developed Countries.

In a place where diversity is the norm, common ground is needed to build a community.


“UNITAR provides training and capacity development activities to assist mainly developing countries and other groups and communities who are most vulnerable, including those in conflict situations.”

“UPEACE trains future leaders to explore and formulate strategies and practices to address the causes of multiple problems affecting human and global wellbeing, and thus contribute to the processes of peacekeeping and peacebuilding. ”

Knowledge is power.

Information is liberating.

Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.‘’

-Kofi Annan

Art for Peace (a UNITAR/UPEACE partnership) is developing this NFT collection in partnership with FUNDATION.IO.

Thank you to Sauce Piquante AgencyMetacorp and Gussa.